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Monday, 15 January 07 :: desert

i keep thinking i should write about living in the desert. i've never lived in the desert before. i've visited the desert, i've camped in the desert, i've run rivers in the desert, flown over and driven through, but never moved all my stuff, my cats, and i to actually live in it.

when i first got here in august, about 2 weeks into being here, i realized i was experiencing a high every day. i thought it was the hight of the new experience, finally getting to the place i'd thought about non-stop since march 29th, but i soon realized it wasn't that --> this place was not that exciting. i finally realized it was the sun. the sun at 4500ft is very different than at 200 ft.

back in october i bought a big container of johnson's aloe vera lotion. you know, the size container that i'd expect to last me a couple of years. i figured, it's cheap (on sale at 5.99 or something like that), and will last me a year.. because, afterall, this is the desert, so it shouldn't last the 2 years (or more) that it would in the willamette valley of oregon. i caught sight of it in my lamp the other night -- its 1/2 way gone. and did i mention i've got some lotion at work? and a little thing of it that i carry around in my bag?

yes, i'm nearly drying up. i'm tempted to wait it out, to see how long i could go without slathering myself up every couple of days, but i just get too dang itchy after a bath. i simply cannot sit in class itching my butt. no, thats impolite, and mormons, well, mormons are very polite. far more polite than your average eugene hippie - type.

(sorry, had to take a moment to go slather on some lotion. i'd just taken a bath and was drying off while writing the first part of the post)

mold is not a problem in utah. i remember when i went to baja with my friends p, t and g, we talked about how good it was that the mold all over the van, and the figurative mold that had grown on our souls, was able to dry up. my kitchen is now and odd science experiment --> only because i'm lazy. i notice that if i leave out fruit peels, or detritus from juicing it doesn't get moldy and icky, instead it dries up. everything dries up. i used to be able to leave cookies out of their wrappings so that they would get softer, but now, now if i do that they only get harder.

so the point? i don't know if there is a point. this living in the desert is bringing its challenges. for the first time ever i'm seriously considering going out and getting a humidifier, because i'm tired of the snot in my nose drying up and being impossible to blow out. and i don't like having to use my teapot to humidify things, why? because the heat from the burner only cancels out any benefit i get.

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