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Thursday, 22 September 05 :: home. for 18 hours

i just got home from a camping trip with my friends k and m, and k and r.. it really was everything i set the intention to be. i got to clear some stuff about attachments, i got to be in my sadness-- the heavy sadness that i carry with me, i got some nurturing, i got to nurture. i'm grateful for the challenge presented to me in the questions k asks -- i believe it makes me a better person, i believe that questions like that help me find answers i don't even know i want. and i'm grateful for m's seemingly unconditional acceptance of me. seeing him through k's eyes has been a gift, i've seen him in a way i don't think some others do, and it has caused me to only grow fonder of him.

anyhow, i'm at work.. more later. it was a good trip. thanks my friends.

posted by brooke at September 22, 2005 06:22 PM


cancer sucks

i'm brooke, born in '73. i am currently a phd student in instructional technology. this is the blog where i capture all the neurotic, and the few non-neurotic, moments that seem to come with being a phd student (if you want to read less neuroses and more professionalism go to: oer's, dl's, reuse and culture: it's about a phd student researching digital resources in a multicultural world). i have been from eugene, oregon for a long time.. 8 years specifically (its my home now, but i grew up in southwestern virginia), but now i'm here in logan, utah at utah state university. after finding my roots in eugene i never could have expected that i would leave that liberal oasis and head to utah. but i did and there are days when its a blessing and days when i'm tempted to go back to oregon and beg the folks at lost valley educational center to let me move in. but i won't leave because there are days when this process is better than any kind of high i could ever imagine. what else? i collect things, i have 2 cats, 2 kayaks, 2 laptops (i'm a geek - one mac, one pc). i can be emailed at brookesblog@rivervision.com.

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